My CLUB Testimonials

We Are Very Proud For The Positive Impact We Delivered to Sport Clubs Around The World!

My CLUB Testimonials

What makes us are truly excited and proud it is positive impact we are making in sport communities around the world. My CLUB solution enabled many clubs to achieve next levels of their growth and success. In this section are some the testimonials from the sport organisations  who simply love My CLUB solution!

One Solution for The Entire Club 

The My CLUB solution helped us to improve our club operations manifold. From members signup, fee payments, registrations tracking, and providing members with sport items, to managing members’ insurance, police checks for volunteers and everything in between. 

Over the years we have been improving our operations by adding different tools and solutions. But, we simply could not find anything that would encompass all our club’s operations. Being a volunteering organisation we were constantly challenged to stay on top of all of our activities and responsibilites. 

Without “My CLUB” we simply would not be able to move forward to new stage of the growth. Thank you from all of our members! 

Miroslav Pejic, Chair, Board of Directors, Troyka Basketball Club, Toronto, Canada  

Simple Member Registration & Fee Payments 

Every year when a new season starts we were challenged by collecting all sign up forms from our members. And after that we had to deal with collecting all cheques from the parents. AT times it would take a month or two to finish all of this. 

And then we had to record all cheques, match them with signup forms, deposit all cheques to the bank … it was not a pleasant experince. 

Today we have no these issues any more. With My CLUB within few clicks we can see who registered, payments made, personal insurance provisioned and more. My CLUB solution made our lives so much easier. Thank you! 

Dusan Radunovic, President, Volleyball Club Troyka, Toronto, Canada